Spring Skincare Drugstore Favourites

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Happy first week of real Spring! Every few months, like clockwork, I spend some quality time at Shoppers Drug Mart and pick out a few drugstore skincare products – some which I love and needed to restock and others which I’ve wanted to try for some time. As you can tell, most of the products address dehydrated and oily, tired, seasonal allergy (redness) prone skin. Notice how I said dehydrated and oily is because they go hand in hand! On to the products:

  1. Garnier Moisutre Bomb Sheet Mask – I’ve put it in the corner for a reason – it sucks so bad. There was so much hype and marketing around this product that I decided to pick it up. For something that calls itself ‘moisture bomb’ should give you moist and wet skin. This did the complete opposite! I loaded up on serums and put this mask on. My skin felt MORE dehydrated after! The reason for this is that alcohol is the 4th ingredient and hyaluronic acid is 24th ingredient… It was my fault for not reading the ingredients and just following the hype. VERDICT: pass!!! If you can still find any of the Indeed Labs Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks, which I believe they have discontinued, grab those instead!
  2. Indeed Labs inDefence 30 – Moisturizer and zinc SPF all in one! Zinc is the king of sunscreens. Normally sunscreen breaks me out but I’ve had no issues yet. I make sure to cleanse twice and also remove any makeup with micellular water before cleansing to make sure its really off my skin. It is white and does leave a white film on the skin but it doesn’t last. It feels like normal moisturizer after a minute on the skin. Works great under foundation. VERDICT: grab!! Great drugstore sunscreen for a good price! Also didn’t break me out!
  3. Indeed Labs hydraluron – Bae. Best thing for dehydrated skin. I’ve been using this one for years and pick it up any time I’m getting low. Super easy to use clear gel. I must have reviewed it 10 times on this blog. VERDICT: Must. Have.
  4. PIXI Hydrating Milky Mist – Hydrating mist with hyaluronic acid and black oat. It feels really nice. I like the quality of the mister and the packaging overall. Not sure about how well it works because I already layer so much hydrating stuff on before but so far I like it. VERDICT: If you want more moisture, a good pick but be aware, there is fragrance.
  5. PIXI Glow Tonic – I’ve known about this magic glycolic toner for many many years before it was available in Canada. When it finally came to Canada, the price was so crazy for me that I haven’t picked it up until I really needed an exfoliating toner. Not a big fan of the fragrance but otherwise, this makes my skin feel amazing! Be aware not to overuse because it might dry out your skin! Build up use from twice to 4 times a week. Not everyone is able to use this every night. VERDICT: Probably the only drugstore exfoliating toner that I know of so yes, pick one up. Be aware of the fragrance.
  6. Indeed Q10 Booster – AMAZING. Read my review of all of the boosters here. This is my 2nd bottle and I’m already half way through it so that should say something. Best product ever and very low cost for such high effectiveness. VERDICT: Must. Must. Have.
  7. La Roche-Posay Serozinc – Similarly to the PIXI Glow Tonic,  I’ve known about this forever. When it came to Canada a few years ago, I didn’t need it at the time but lately have been dealing with stressed and red allergy prone skin so decided to five this a go. I love it! I have noticed smaller pores and less oil with less redness. My skin feels more calm and comfortable. I’ve seen lots of people use this by spraying on a cotton pad and then rubbing on the face in the toner step. I use this as my second toner and just spray it on. VERDICT: Grab this if you have oily large pores and generally oiliness. Great for acneic skin.
  8. Avene Thermal Water Spray – This is kind of a Bougie product but I have a specific purpose for it – boost my hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works by picking up water from the surroundings and in the skin to plump and boost moisture in the skin. After and/or before applying hydraluron, I give a good spray of this water and let it sit. I have noticed a difference with and without it. VERDICT: Not required but nice to combine with your hyaluronic acid products for an extra boost.
  9. Nuxe Creme de Miel Lip Balm – I really don’t need another lip balm but have noticed that my lips have been dryer than usual lately. This product is literally magic. Its so luxurious and feels and smells like Manuka honey. Love! This also makes a really nice gift. The stick version is not the same. I don’t like that you have to stick your finger in but its totally worth it. VERDICT: Do you want nice, soft and plump lips? Yes? Get it.
  10. WELEDA Skin Food – A staple. A countless repurchase. I usually use this for my hands because I wash them a lot at work, but this time I picked it up for my face because I heard that Victoria Beckham covers herself in this so I decided to try it. I put in on as my very last step at night. After all the water based hydrating mists, spray and serums, I rub a pea sized between my hands to warm it up and then lightly press into my skin. This is a very dense and heavy cream so its not for putting under foundation during the day. I recommend to use it at night and marinade in this stuff. Glow up. VERDICT: Must have. Not just for face. Elbows, feet, legs, butts, any dry skin, etc. Update: This did break me out when I used it day to day. But when I used it on the plane as a final barrier after all the hyaluronic acid and water based products – it didn’t break me out but made my skin super oily.

Do you guys have any drugstore favourites? Have you tried any of these products? Comment below!



My Experience with Lash Extensions

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Since I’ve been getting busier and have less time to focus on getting ready each day – I’ve adopted the high maintenance to be low maintenance theory – microblading my eyebrows, lash extensions. etc.

If you are like me and constantly struggle with short lashes – lash extensions are the way to go! I just got my lashes done at The Beauty Corner with Polina and wanted to write about my experience – because they were so much more than what I expected! I went to the same place mentioned in my last post about getting a lash tint and perm. Polina at The Beauty Corner is a very experienced lash artist and her work is absolutely amazing. Before getting lash extensions, I, of course, did quite a bit of research and wanted to compare my experience to what I found.

Although it is not necessary, I did have a perm and lash tint a few weeks prior and that actually made it easier for the lash extensions to sit. Normally my lashes are very straight and can point downwards. Before the appointment, I made sure to not wear any makeup around my eyes and didn’t have any coffee/caffeine beforehand. I gotta say this was a tough one because I love coffee first thing Saturday morning, though it was worth it for the lashes I left with. Caffeine before your appointment makes the artists job harder because your eyes are constantly fluttering and fidgeting.

During the appointment, I didn’t feel a thing or have any discomfort while Polina was working her magic and gluing over 300 individual lashes to each eye! I got the Russian Volume set which has way more lashes than the Classic set. Polina also used silk lashes because they were similar to real hair in texture. The appointment took 1.5 hours with 15 minutes of consultation. I didn’t know what look I wanted going in and I trusted Polina to customize the lashes to my eye and make it look glam but still on the natural side. Here is my before and after:

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The most unexpected thing was for me was that the lashes were so light and airy. I loved it! I thought with over 300 and sometimes even 400 eyelash extensions per eye that they would be heavy. But I didn’t feel a thing! The lashes really opened up my eyes way more than I could ever before with makeup alone. They always made me look wide awake even when I wasn’t. Polina gave me a few different spoolies for brushing out the lashes and a very helpful aftercare card.

After the appointment, you can’t wet your face for 24 -48 hours. Which means no sweating, saunas, pools, showers, etc. For my evening skincare, I just used my R+F gauze with micellular water to remove any face makeup – doing my best not to touch my eyes.

Although the point of lash extensions is that you won’t need to wear eye makeup but don’t be afraid to if you want to! Just be careful when removing eye makeup. Use an oil-free eye makeup remover and a q-tip. Do not use a cotton round or gauze as it will pull on the lashes! Make sure not to rub but gently remove. This definitely taught me to be more gentle on my eyes as I love rubbing eye makeup off even though I know it’s going to cause some wrinkles down the line. Sleeping on your face is also a big no-no and to be honest, not very comfortable if you have long extensions. Sleeping on your face is a bad idea even if you don’t have lash extensions because it can cause premature wrinkles and even acne if you don’t change your pillowcase regularly.

You want to avoid any oil based products around your eyes. Although touching your new lashes is not recommended, cleaning them regularly is key to keeping them for longer. Oil is the worst thing for the lash extensions glue. Removing any oil you can with an oil-free lash cleanser or even just micellular water can help them last much longer. If your lids get especially oily during the day, you can even use oil blotting papers to get rid of any oil at the base of your lashes. I haven’t tried any of the lash extensions cleansers on the market, but any of them will do the job.

Some of my own lashes fell out because they were fully grown and fell out naturally, not because of the extensions. Though I actually found that my normal lashes are growing back thicker than before – maybe because I didn’t use a mascara and rub my eyes like I normally do.

Overall, there is an adjustment period to your beauty and everyday routine, but I found that they were totally worth it! They saved me so much time when getting ready in the morning and in general. They also forced me to sleep on my back, something I’ve been trying to teach myself for years and stopped me from rubbing my eyes, something I do often when working at the computer.

Although there is definitely maintenance involved, the more you take care of them the longer they will last and you can get a fill instead of getting a full set each time. I think next time I’m going to go for a Classic Set! I’m hooked! 🙂

Check out The Beauty Corner in Vancouver, BC!








Customize your Skincare with Indeed Labs Boosters

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Play chemist and customize your own skincare with booster serums! A few companies have come out with one or two active ingredient boosters which can be added to your serums, moisturizers or even used on their own. Deceim/The Ordinary is doing it. Obviously, Glossier is on the train, calling them supers. Skin Inc. is doing it by making custom serums and your very own drugstore favourite – indeed labs is doing it too! I’ve been lucky to have won a gift from Indeed Labs on Instagram and received all of the boosters to try. Thank you again indeed labs! At first, it was a bit overwhelming adding 6 new products to my routine. I’ve had them sitting on my bathroom counter for the last several months and one day, I just grabbed one and started incorporating them into my routine. I started using them one by one and then just started making booster soup on my face every morning and night. So here are my thoughts on the indeed labs boosters:

Hydration – Lets start with the most popular one. Indeed labs have been very popular with their hydraluron with the help of Caroline Hirons and I mean the rest of the world. I remember it was my first drugstore skincare purchase and I still pick it up on special sometimes because it really never fails you when you need some moisture. The hydration booster is a bit different. Its a proper glycerin based serum and not a clear hyaluronic acid gel like hydraluron. It also contains niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, which does so many things like increase elasticity, increase the barrier function of your skin, and so many other anti-aging benefits. The serum also contains Revidrate™ which enables the skin to recreate its own natural moisture by regulating the water and lipid balance in the skin.* I loved this serum the most and ran out of it the fastest. I’ve been experimenting with putting this serum on right after washing my face, onto a wet face and found that it did help bring even more moisture into my skin! Try it with your hyaluronic acid!

Q10 – This one was a total wild card for me. I wasn’t even really sure that Q10 was or what it did – I remember it from watching cream of Olay commercials when I was little but thats as far as I knew about it – until I tried it. I put it on at night with some of the hydration serum and went to bed. The next morning – I could not believe my eyes. Honestly. My skin looked so smooth – like glass. Moisturized, fresh, glowing like the sun. What. Is. In. This. Serum. Let me tell you – Coenzyme Q10 protects skin from wrinkle formation, free radicals and UV damage. Its blended with Vitamin E to lock in moisture and prevent oxidation of the skin surface lipids. It also contains a stable blend of Vitamin C. Wow! Talk about a powerful concentrate of good stuff. If you were to buy just one of the boosters – here you are. Get this one. Stop reading and just go get it.

Radiance – This one I didn’t really experience much of a difference in my skin compared to  Q10 and hydration. It has glycerin and two proprietary ingredients – Vivillume® and Phytenso™. Vivillume a plant-based active that restores skin’s radiance while helping to reduce the appearance of aging.* Phytenso is is a vegetable-derived biolipid complex that provides conditioning and calming to the skin.* I found that because I was always mixing several boosters at the same time, I wasn’t seeing the glow radiance due to this booster alone.

Resistance – Similarly to the Radiance booster, I didn’t really get to try this one on its own although based on the product, it should be the one I use the most. Its meant to shield your skin against the environment and UV rays. Its also meant to help reduce breakouts and keep your skin nourished by helping to strengthen the water-lipid layer in the skin. Similarly to sunscreen, you will probably see the benefit of using this booster over time instead of immediately. I’ll make sure to add some to my moisturizer for good measure.

Mineral – This one was also very intriguing. I haven’t given much thought as to how minerals play into a skincare routine. It contains minerals like zinc, copper and magnesium which increase oxygen levels, circulation and skin detoxification. Similar to the resistance booster – I didn’t see immediate results but a good one to add to your moisturizer. I used to use copper peptides mixed with hyaluronic acid when I used to do derma rolling and I still use it from time to time.

Collagen  – Speaks for itself. Collagen has been a big trendy word lately. Everyone is adding collagen to their coffees and smoothies in the morning. Bone broth is full of collagen as well. This serum is packed with collagen peptides to tighten and plump your skin. I really liked this one and because I am already taking collagen in my coffee every day. Adding more collagen to my face wouldn’t hurt.

Indeed is really big into creating their own proprietary blends of ingredients such as Revidrate and Phytenso I mention above. I know for some it can be difficult to recognize familiar ingredients you normally look for when you shop for new skincare products. But on the other hand, the new ingredients are exciting and very innovative – which Indeed labs is really known for.

There are six boosters in total – all at $22.99 CAD (sometimes $19.99 at Shoppers) for 30mL. You can also buy straight from the indeed labs website. Free shipping over 50$, free gift with purchase and 15$ off your first order. They want you to use only a few drops of each – but I just do a full pump on my forehead, and one full pump on each cheek. The glass bottle and pump are also big pluses in my books. Let me know if you’ve tried them and what you think! Comment below!


*-All info is taken directly from indeed labs website.


Hair Makeover! Ft. Kristin Ess Hair Products

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I have been in a shampoo rut! I’m telling you! You know when you first start using a shampoo, you’re like “Thats amazing! I love this shampoo! Going to use this forever and ever!<3 <3” But then a few weeks pass you start to get over it. Well I’m here to assure you – that its not your imagination. If you’re in the know, you know that you should be changing your shampoo every few months and even weeks because your hair and scalp start getting used to the shampoo and it basically stops “working”. I have been in this rut for over a year. I found that my favourite shampoo wasn’t working as well as it did in the beginning – but I just kept using it because when I really like something I buy 983475982374 of it so I never run out. LOL! Am I the only person that does this? Anyway – I really needed a hair makeover! After seeing Kristin Ess work her magic with those slow motion brush out vids on Insta – I thought I would give her products a try. Fair warning though – the amazingness that I’m about to tell you comes with a caveat. Her products are only available in the US. Bright side is that they are very inexpensive (compared to my staple Lush shampoo and Oribe texturizing spray habits) and are available at Target (in the US). My husband was not too thrilled when I had to take a detour to buy 15 new bottles of hair products on our honeymoon in Hawaii! But let me tell you the overweight baggage fee was worth it!

Let start with the shampoo – because if you’re going to get just one thing, I would recommend staring with The One Shampoo. Its a shampoo for all hair types because its shampoo and you’re grown. First, I would like to address the texture and bouncy feeling of the formula. It feels very nice on the scalp and is the perfect viscosity to actually get everywhere instead of sitting on top of your head. It lathers well and I found that my hair gets very squeaky clean – on the second round. I always thought that doing two washes was just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more shampoo! But its really really not! I followed Kristin’s advice and used the first pass through to really get in there and do a good scrub with my knuckles. Then the second pass through with shampoo, your hair is really actually clean and stays clean for longer. Did I mention its sulfate free?

With the shampoo, you want to get the The One Signature Conditioner. Because I have fine hair, I normally find that conditioner weighs my hair down like crazy, but this conditioner doesn’t! I love it! It also prevents my hair from tangling and just makes it easier to manage in the cold – awful hair static is gone! It also has that same amazing jelly texture which makes it easy to actually spread into your hair. Leaves my hair weightless and soft.

If you need even more moisture, the moisture mask is where you want to go. Its called the Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask. I would recommend to use the mask instead of the conditioner if you have really dry and brittle hair because its very moisturizing. I also tried using the mask outside of the shower and then showering it out, but no – just follow the instructions and use it right after shampooing. It really needs to be applied to wet hair for best results.

One of my most favourite products is the Thickening Spray. My hair likes to fall flat – but not with this product. After getting out of the shower, I spray this right into the roots and generally a few spritz at the top of my head. I found that it works much better when you use a hair dryer – its almost like its activated by the heat. I usually like to air dry my hair, but this product doesn’t work as well. You can get crazy volume if you use a blowdryer and a round brush. Also doesn’t feel heavy at all or builds up in the scalp – I found that it washes out completely. Weightless volume – its meant to be as effective as a mousse but much easier to use and apply.

With the Thickening Spray, I have to use the Leave In Conditioner Spray right out of the shower. After doing a good scrub with the shampoo, my hair gets crazy tangled and is really hard to brush out without pulling half my hair out. With a few general sprays of this conditioner, the brush just glides through. It also really helps with putting moisture into my hair and keeps away the hair static.

After doing a blow-dry and maybe even throw some waves in there with my flat iron, I’ll go in with the Shine Working Serum. I’ve yet to really see the best way to use this product for me, but I just do one pump and run it through the top my hair down to add shine. I haven’t seen that it does anything else yet – but what I’ve found with these products is they are very versatile. I want to dry doing a very slick ponytail with this serum.

If I need more oomph for going out on the town – I’ll add in the Dry Finish Working Texture Spray. This is really fun to use! Normally I just spray it all over and kind of play with my hair to get to where I want it. But this spray is really unique. The best way to use it is to spray upwards from the bottom of your hair. This will add texture all over and give you a beachy vibe. You don’t want to add to much otherwise it can gum up. Spray a bit and then wait. Its not as potent as the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray but I find that its actually more forgiving and workable. And I mean the price difference!

The one con I have – which for me isn’t really a con anymore but I know will be a big one for some. The whole line is heavily fragranced. Each product has the same fragrance with varying degrees of intensity. I actually really like the fragrance – its more high end than what you would expect a drugstore hair product to have and complements the types of perfumes I like to wear. However, anyone even slightly sensitive to fragrance wouldn’t like it. When I first started using the products, it was a bit uncomfortable with how much fragrance they had, but then I just went almost nose blind and it didn’t bother me too much. Plus my husband commented on how he liked the scent.

All of her products contain something called “zip-up technology”. Its a proprietary blend that smooths the hair strand and split ends while protecting hair from environmental damage and coloured hair from colour fade. Since using the products for a few months now, I have actually noticed that I don’t have as many split ends as I normally do. I also really like that the full ingredients list is available on her website – as well as tutorials and how to use the products. Very helpful! And if you haven’t already – check out her instagram. #hairgoals

Overall – I am in love with these products. Everything works so well – there are no duds in the range that I’ve tried. And theres so many more products that I want to try. I picked out the ones that I think I will get the most use out of and would work best with my hair. The range is very versatile and had products which work with every hair type! Theres even a cleansing conditioner! She also just launched a few more products – a loose styling powder (!!!!), water-based pomade. Can’t wait to pick more up when I’m down in the US! (Especially that hair pin!)


*not sponsored – I just really love the products!


I got a Lash Lift! Curled Lashes 24/7

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Since I’ve stopped using my Rodan and Fields Lash Boost serum, I have to say that I have been hella depressed about my lashes. Lash Boost is not available in Canada and once I finished my promotional tube, I was in withdrawal. My favourite mascara just didn’t make the cut anymore and my lashes barely held a curl. I really didn’t know what to do. There are so many different lash lift options and I wasn’t sure if lash extensions was the answer! Until one of my dear friends, Polina from The Beauty Corner, reached out to me and said Hey! Lets do your lashes! And I said yeeeessss! running girl emoji

The Beauty Corner is a popular lash studio here in Vancouver, BC and Polina – the expert lash doctor has many different services available: real mink lashes to perms to Russian Volume lashes and even colour lashes. Just looking through the galley of her work is incredible. I love that each set of lashes look so natural and beautiful! The lashes really suit each person and thats where the skill of the person working with lashes really shines through. I knew I was in the right hands!

Because I am very low maintenance – Polina decided that it was best to have a lash lift and tint my lashes. This way the lashes last for a long time (+2 months!) and the upkeep is nothing different than what I normally do. A lash lift uses a very similar to the solution thats used for perming the hair on your head and it totally safe to use around your eyes. The perm solution is applied to the lashes and works by opening the hair follicle. The lashes are then curved and lifted over a silicon band by which the thickness of curvature of the band determined the angle or degree of the lash curve. Polina notes that it is very important to enhance the curve of how your lashes grow and avoid the ‘suprise’ lash so you won’t end up with a dent in your lashes as they grow. Instead the lashes will just continue to curve upwards as they grow out. Then the lashes were treated to nourishing oil to keep them moisturized and healthy. Here is my before and after:

The whole process is fast and easy. After the lash lift, Polina applied tint that was custom mixed to my hair colour. Tinting is really helpful for people like me where my lashes are blonde/transluscent so when they were tinted, it appeared that I had way more lashes than I could see before. I also really liked having my bottom lashes tinted as I normally find putting mascara on my bottom lashes looks very chunky. Since the lash lift and tint, I have definitely seen a huge difference in the shape of my eye – its more open and wide awake. It’s amazing to see that my lashes look as amazing as I do when I leave for work in the morning! Normally, my lashes fall down, the mascara goes all over the place and I’m in the racoon club by the end of the day. The lash lift is much more effective than having a good lash curler or good curling mascara! I highly recommend it! Especially for those of us with lashes that point down and have blonde lashes like me.

Even if you have no idea which lashes are right for you – Polina can help you choose which ones will better suit your eye shape and be the best for the look you want to achieve. I love that! Polina also has a really helpful blog for lash newbies like me. I would also look at booking with her as soon as possible as she books up really fast! Get your lashes for that NYE smooch or for #newyearnewme


PS. Should I mention that she also had a heated blanket for my appointment. #blessed


Glossier Grabs | Salt and Coffee Beauty

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Who hasn’t heard of Glossier yet? Get on it! It’s one of the hottest beauty and skincare brands of 2017. They literally had like 4857487 launches this year! You Eau de Parfum (already a cult perfume product), Body Hero shower oil and body moisturizer, Wowder powder with their own brush, Invisible shield sunscreen, Boy Brow in Clear, Priming Moisturizer in Rich, Stretch concealer and most importantly, an extra large pink pouch. They also started shipping to Canada earlier this year and just recently, to the UK. Be sure – I was the first to get on that train and ordered my haul the first day they started shipping to Canada. Here are my initial and well developed thoughts on the few items I picked up.

I mostly focused on the makeup – I love the way Glossier looks at makeup and its so perfect for every day minimal colour.

Cloud Paint in Beam – the most perfect cheek paint. It has the perfect consistency and is very buildable. Mild shine – so if you want matte, I would not pick this up. I absolutely love this! It just looks like you pinched your cheeks.

Balm Dot Com – I got the Trio because I literally CANNOT choose. And I didn’t have to! I have to say Birthday Cake is my favourite! It has some glitter that looks terrifying in the tube that looks so gorgeous on the lips. It also smells like birthday cake! No taste though – which is probably for safety reasons. Cherry is my next favourite – it has a very beautiful wash of red cherry colour that just looks like you bit into a cherry. As a lover of all things Coconut, I got the Coconut and it smells like a macaroons and vacation. Yummmm. And of course – they are all so moisturizing and actually stick to your lips and stay there until you want to take it off or each a very messy sammich.

Haloscope in Quartz – “That highlight tho” – what I think to myself every time I put this one. Its soo easy to put on and can literally be used anywhere. I love using it on my face (cheekbones, down the nose and cupid’s bow), but also put on my my collar bones and shoulders on vacation in Hawaii to bring out that glow. Seriously – the best highlight. It has a moisturizer center which gives you moisture but also allows the highlight to stay and really glow! I love it. Not too greasy. Pro tip: Dab it instead of dragging on so it doesn’t smear your foundation.

Boy Brow in Brown – Iconic. Holy-grail. Takes less than a minute to groom them brows. My only complaint is that the tube is too small. I need a monthly subscription. The brush is just the perfect size to apply the brow gel to only the hairs because who has used one of those giant wands on your brows and got them all over your forehead. LOL – I totally have. Pro tip: take the brush and brush backwards aggressively through the brows, and then go through as normal. This will give your brows the most colour and is also the fastest way to get lots of gel through all the hairs.

Lip Gloss – Actually the reason I put the order in right away. This gloss is just so gorgeous and shiny – so perfect. Feels and looks luxurious. Mirror shine. Summer in a tube. Reminds me of those Juicy Tubes days but more 2017.

Next up on my list – um… everything. I have no control. I literally use every single one of these products every single day. I love everything. My only complaint is just that everything was a little bit smaller than I imagined, but the prices are great so I don’t mind. I really want to try the Body Hero shower oil and moisturizer. (The packaging alone – drool!) I’m not a big fan of shower oil but I’m ready for Glossier to surprise me. I really want to try the new You perfume – I’ve heard that its just the most perfect scent that is very personal but also universal. Kind of kicking myself for not getting the Generation G lip sticks in my makeup haul. The colour are so wearable and beautiful. Realistically, I want to try everything – but you can be sure those will be in my next Glossier post.

Glossier also does this beautiful thing of making combos of things people normally buy together and help you buy more Glossier save some money.


If you’re new to my blog – welcome! Read more makeup, skincare and a few lifestyle posts here.


Shiseido Tokyo Beauty | My new favourites!

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Influenster Canada was so awesome to send me the new Shiseido SynchroSkin foundation (and other goodies) for free to review! Hint: it’s amazing! I honestly haven’t worn foundation for a long long time – probably New Years was the last time? I know right! Since my acne disappeared (thanks to Rodan and Fields Unblemish), all I’ve been wearing is mineral sunscreen and mascara every day. Its been minimalism heaven. But with the fall weather – I’ve been wanting to wear more makeup and this amazing package arrived at my door. I, of course, wasted no time to apply this silky foundation – which was the correct shade (kudos to Influenster) and haven’t been able to put it down. Here’s why:

Looks and feels like skin – isn’t this what we all want in foundation? It is the number one thing I look for in foundation. It hides just the right amount of redness and adds the healthy glow. Theres two versions of this foundation – the regular and the glow. I found that the regular SynchroSkin had enough glow and reflection to look like healthy skin – but if you want more glam, I would try the glow version.

Yellow undertone – Its difficult for me to find the right shade – not too yellow or dirty looking, without oxidizing to a deeper yellow. This foundation had the right amount of yellow – which I’ve only been able to find in Bobbi Brown foundation.

It lasts – I applied it with my fingers in the morning and it stayed all day. It started to fade just where I’ve touched my face, etc. I haven’t tried applying with a brush or beauty blender yet.

It’s very thin and runny – not cakey – I know that sounds like a negative but I actually really like how thin it is. Almost like those colour drops. The only downside is that it has a pump when it should probably have a dropper because its so runny. It applies thin and can easily be layered to get  higher coverage.

With the Shiseido Tokyo Beauty VoxBox, I also got to try out a few more goodies:

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate – Super thin, lightweight, moisturizing and smoothing serum. Makes your skin so soft and adds instant moisture. The perfect serum to put on first and then the SynchroSkin foundation for that dewey glow.

Inkstroke Eyeliner in Shikkoku Black – I loved this! Super jet black and actually long lasting. I’ve been loyal to my Kat Von D liner pen for years and after trying this, I think I might convert to this one! It actually stayed on my oily lids for the entire day.

Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Ruby Copper – The red shade was not my cup of coffee, but I really liked how smooth this lipstick applied. I might have to try a different shade next time I pass by a Shieseido counter.

Thanks again for Influenster for sending me these to try for free! Keep it coming 😉



Covergirl’s Total Tease Mascara ‘n more from Katy Perry

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Influenster Canada was so kind to send me the new Covergirl Total Tease Mascara and Katy Kat Eyeliner to try out and review for free! Sweet deal! It’s the first time anything has ever been sent to me so I am over the moon with excitement! I posted an unboxing and first impressions on my Instagram stories a week ago and have been using the mascara for a week to really test it out! Here is my review:

Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

Initially I was on the fence – I haven’t used drugstore mascaras in a long time – they usually make my eyes itchy, they smell bad and I don’t like how the mascara looks when its applied. I’m also all about the bristle brush because my lashes are quite thin and need a good brush – the plastic ones just don’t do a good job. However, this mascara changed my mind real quick:

I really like the plastic brush! With the thicker formula, it packed on a lot at once and the little bristles on the end were absolutely PERFECT for brushing out any clumps and coating the tiny hairs a normal wand can’t reach. It also gave me craaaazy length! I don’t normally have long lashes – I’ve been using the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost to grow my lashes super long but this mascara just adds so much more drama!! I love it!


To put this mascara to the true test, I swapped it for my usual Marc Jacobs for a week. I curled my lashes, applied about 2 coats, and checked on it through out the day. What I liked about it:

  • The formula is quite thick and very black, so it really coated each lash generously
  • The little baby brush allowed me to get to the baby hairs which I normally can’t reach with a normal brush
  • The formula dries fast – I noticed this because I sneezed mid application and it was already pretty much dry
  • My lashes stayed curled! This formula is thiiick and after two coats, you’re set. It’s staying in place! I checked my lashes through out the day and found they stayed curled almost until I had to wash them off at the end of the day (12-15 hours later)
  • Hardly any fall out – maybe it had something to do with being a fresh tube of mascara but I found almost no fall out or transfer onto my oily lids
  • Makes my lashes look super long and fake-lash like – like a Snapchat filter.
  • It’s easy to take off with just water at the end of the day
  • And of course, no irritation or lash fall out (yes – I’ve had that happen before and its the worst!)

What I didn’t like about it:

  • Although this plastic tooth brush wasn’t like most that I’ve tried, it still make my thin lashes clump together as one. A bristle brush allows to really brush out the formula, while this brush deposited a lot of thick formula and left it there to brush out with the small brush on the end. It took a long while to brush out all the clumps evenly in the morning!
  • It gave me spidery X-tina lashes everyone rocked in high school in the 2000s. This is where I think the drugstore and higher end go their separate ways – my MJ mascara builds volume at the base of the lash but then it tapers at the end to make it look more natural. This mascara just coats it all in one go and it looks more like fake lashes. Nothing wrong with it at all but for my daily makeup – I like to go more natural. This mascara made me feel like I needed to bake my face and put on some bomb highlighter to make my face more complete. Maybe for someone with thicker lashes, this won’t be the case and won’t look so severe like it did on me.

Overall – I actually really like this mascara and would buy it when I needed a fresh tube! Influents also sent me a Katy Kat eyeliner in Shimmer which is a sheer black metallic pencil eye liner with a smudger on the other end. On the last day of testing, I applied it just on the top line and it make my eyes pop and lashes look even thicker with the Total Tease mascara. Together, they make a great pair! It also stayed put after it dried! I’d love to try the other liner colours they have in this collection!

Have you tried this mascara yet? Leave a comment if you have! I would love to read your opinions! 🙂

Once again – thanks to Influenster Canada for sending me the Covergirl Total Tease mascara and Katy Kat eyeliner for free to review!



How to Add Volume and Texture to your Hair

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Ever since I could remember, I’ve been looking for ways to add more body and volume to my hair. I have thin hair but quite a lot of it so it weighs down and doesn’t hold curls well. The best day is right after washing – I have yet to experience that unicorn – amazing second day hair. Where is it? Well – recently, I have curated a cocktail of products that I think might make it possible. (!!!!!!)

Lets start with shampoo – go with a gentle but volumizing wash 

So many times I’ve tried a shampoo thats harsh and strips all the oil so your hair is fluffy and therefore adds volume. But its shortlived and before you know it, that oil comes back and your hair is completely flat. So I’ve switched to a gentle wash and for that I’ve been using Kevin Murphy Angel Wash. At first I was confused about how it worked. Normally I do one pump of shampoo and thats it. But with this one – you need to do at least two tiny dollops of shampoo with good massaging to get that clean clean. This wash also gives impressive shine!

Wait go back and do conditioner first

Yup. I’m not trying to make a fool out of you but we’re striving for volume here and conditioner is quite heavy. To still add moisture to our ends, put on conditioner first and then shampoo the roots. This way you ends stay protected from surfactants and still get the moisture they need without weighing your hair down.

Add a bi-weekly coconut oil mask to your routine

I’m sure you’re aware by now that not all hair masks are created equal. I’ve lost count on how many I’ve tried that left me worse off than before. Until, coconut oil came into my life and changed it in all the ways. All you do is take coconut oil – you don’t need to heat it up to melt it, it will melt in your hand and actually make it easier to apply. Take any coconut oil, although unpasteurized is best, starting at the roots, gently massage it and spread it all over and down to your ends. I love leaving it on overnight but if you’re sensitive to smell – you can wash it off after an hour. I like to leave it on overnight because it has more time to moisturize my scalp and hair. In the morning, I find it almost completely gone! Make sure to shampoo several times to get it all out – I’ve found 3 to be a magic number.

Spray in a volumizing and texturizing spray right at the roots/crown

After washing your hair and its still wet, spray in a volumizing and texturizing spray. My favourite is the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray. I have to be honest – I bought it for the amazing coconut pina colada smell which reminds me of Hawaii. But I absolutely love what it does for my hair! Spray it in and brush it out.

Flip your hair upside down and blow-dry and secure

This is a trick most of us have tried but I find it to be the easiest and fastest way to get that blow-dry. I let my hair air dry for about 30 minutes and then I just flip my hair upside down and dry it – focusing on the roots and lightly brushing with my hand. When your hair is dry enough (not all the way) and your head is still upside down, take a gentle elastic and secure a quick messy bun at the top of your head. Let air dry for a few hours – I do this in the morning and leave it up while I’m driving.

Add more of that volumizing spray and play with your hair

When you hair is dry, take out the bun and loosely spray more of that volumizing spray – focusing on the roots. It dries almost right away. Use your hands to move the hair around and add more volume and texture. This is key! Now you have enough product in your hair to hold it and add texture – just keep playing with it to get the look you want!

Products I use: Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash, Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray, Kevin Murphy Antigravity, Bumble and Bumble Thick Wash and Conditioner, Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo

Voila! Let me know if you try my tips! Do you have any tips and tricks you use for volume? Comment below!



A Skincare Affair | Rodan + Fields Virtual Event

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Hello lovelies!

I am part of a virtual party this Sunday at 7 pm PST!! It’s a great way to learn about the #2 skincare line in North America and the fastest growing skincare line in the comfort of your own home – I know you’ve been curious! 😉
If you are going to be scrolling through FB anyways, hop onto our event. You literally like or comment on posts and we give away loads of free stuff. If you are busy at that time, you can comment later or the next day. It’s open for 24 hours.

Let me know if you’re in and I can send you an invite!!